Below are some helpful pieces of information on troubleshooting and maintenance of your pool or spa.

For further information, please contact our service department at

(607) 729-6000 x 29, or at


  • Do you think there is a leak in your pool?  Try the “bucket test” to check if you are losing water.  Click here for instructions, or watch the video to see how the bucket test works!
  • Having trouble getting suction to vacuum your pool?  Check out this video.
  • Do you know the proper way to backwash your sand filter?  This video can show you how!
  • Do you know the proper way to backwash your DE filter?  Check out this video!
  • Are you having trouble keeping pump suction? This video shows step-by-step pump priming.
  • Do you know the proper way to winterize your spa? Be sure to follow these instructions.
  • Are you draining and refilling your spa the right way?  There are a few tricks to this simple task!