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Commercial Pool, Court Jester Athletic Club Pool Before, Commercial Pool Remodel New York
Court Jester Athletic Club (Before)


Court Jester Athletic Club, Commercial Pool Remodel, Court Jester Pool Johnson City, NY Remodel
Court Jester Athletic Club (After)


21st Century Pools is one of just a few pool companies in our region capable of handling commercial pool and spa accounts. We have handled hundreds of commercial projects for clients including: The City of Binghamton, City of Oneonta, Seneca State Park, Court Jester Athletic Club, Binghamton Country Club, Vestal Hills Country Club, Hartwick Highlands Campground, Town of Union, Village of Endicott, Vestal High School, Binghamton High School, Binghamton University, Elmira College, Chemung County, Chalet Village and the Police Athletic League Summer Camp.

We offer professional advice including a complete line of commercial spas, splash park design & build, new pools, complete pool renovations, commercial membrane systems, handicap access to pools & spas, pump and filter repairs, controllers and automatic chlorinators. We can assist you in engineering design, Health department approvals, installation and specification drafting.

Todd Shady, our senior Commercial Project Manager is the Southern Tier’s only APSP-Certified technician and he can professional and accurately provide you with a successful commercial project. Mr. Shady has achieved his certification through extensive training with APSP and 16 years experience in the commercial pool industry. He can be reached by phone at 607-729-6000 ext 208 or email at

It is important you enlist us early in your pool project, we can help with budget figures and as the project progresses we can provide an engineer to complete the health department paperwork while we provide the specifications for the job, this will save you thousands of dollars in design costs alone.


Commercial Pool before, Conklin Park pool, Conklin, New York pool remodel
Conklin Park (Before)


Pool membrane, Conklin Park Pool remodel, Commercial pool remodel
Conklin Pool with new membrane from 21st Century Pools


Johnson City NY Splash Park, New York Splash Park, Frog Splash Park
Johnson City Splash Park – New Build


Wilber Park Pool Oneonta NY, commercial pool project NY, pool membrane, pool gutter system
Wilber Park Pool, Oneonta complete rebuild including membrane and new gutter system.







Pro-Line Reinforced 60 mil PVC Swimming Pool Membrane

Custom tailored to exacting standards your Pro-Line field fabricated waterproof membrane lining system will be assembled on site by factory certified professional personnel.Once the chosen termination configuration is installed the membrane is welded to the mechanical attachments through the use of hand held and robotic thermoplastic welding tools. PVC or stainless steel termination strips are used to anchor your membrane to the pool shell (galvanized strip, anchors or glued down attachment is never used).
The completed 60 mil PVC Swimming Pool Shell anchored to the pool structure will stand up to structural movement, freeze/ thaw cycles and environmental adverse conditions better than any finish offered on the market today. No other system can match its performance. Experience the end of chipping, peeling, cracking, failing plaster and scraped knees