Aboveground Pools

Aboveground Pools

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Premiere Pool


  • INSULATED WALL – R-10 insulation value
  • Rigid Wall
  • “The best of the best!”

Best Pools


  • Resin Frame
  • 100% non-corrosive
  • 9″ scratch-resistant top rail
niagara aboveground



  • Resin Frame
  • 100% non-corrosive
  • 6″ scratch-resistant top rail
tamara aboveground

Better Pools


  • Polymer coated steel frame
  • 7″ top rail, 6″ uprights


  • Polyenamel coated steel frame
  • 8″ top rail, 6″ uprights

Good Pools

“Rio II”

  • Steel Frame
  • 6″ top rail, 5″ uprights


  • Steel Frame
  • 6″ top rail, 5″ uprights



Recommended options for all aboveground pools:

  • Professional excavation and installation
  • Foam cove base
  • Thermowall insulation
  • Glass media for superior filtration
  • Hung liner with tile print

Pre-Purchase Advice
Summer is at our doorstep, and you’re no doubt already starting to feel the heat… What better than an above ground pool to invigorate and enliven your family’s leisure moments?

Before you take this major step, we recommend that you carefully plan your impending aboveground pool purchase. One of the best ways of selecting a model that meets your needs is to first consider the factors
listed below[/one_half_last]

1 – Site
Measure the available land surface on which you plan to install your above ground pool. This will immediately provide you with a good idea of the type and size of pool that will best fit into the existing landscape of your yard.

If the ground where you are planning to install your pool is sloped, opt for a smaller structure so as to decrease the necessary site preparation work.

2- Budget
What is your planned budget for purchasing a pool that meets your needs in terms of comfort, durability and appearance?

  • Radiant insulated wall pools are more costly, yet they are more heat efficient, and help create a warm and refined yard decor.
  • Steel-frame swimming pools, in turn, are less expensive to purchase than those with resin frames. However, a resin finish will be more aesthetically pleasing than a steel one.

3- Installing Your Pool
If you use the services of 21st Century Pools & Spas, plan for some time between the purchase and installation of your above ground pool. The waiting period will be somewhat longer if you purchase your pool during the summer.

The time needed to assemble the pool will vary according to the pool size and model. Excluding the time necessary to prepare the ground and fill the pool with water, installing a round pool should take about three hours, an oval-shaped pool six hours.

We have the area’s largest selection of in-stock aboveground pools for the do-it-yourselfers!

If you plan to install your above ground pool yourself, we recommend you get at least two other people to help you. For a smoother installation, opt for a sunny day where there is no wind, and prepare the ground adequately ahead of time.

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